Books I have recently read…reviews coming.

The Coldest Winter Ever by SIster Souljah- I felt very prudish and white while reading, and sorry for the main character whose life is based on herself, spending money, and finding her game. BUT, it was a great insight, if realistic, into the mind set of those raise din the “projects.” It did remind me of a former student, who I think was probably a much poorer version of Sasha.

The Secrets We Keep by Lara Prescott. It took me a while to like this and needed to finish for my Book Club, but by the end I was totally engaged. I need to find out the true Dr. Zhivago story, but it is amazing that America would subvert the Soviet Union’s refusal to print a novel.

Along the Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams. Just started, but an easy, engaging read.

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